Company Concept


Welcome to Euro Amp+

Welcome to the euro amp+ website where we wish in an illustrative and informative way to present our unique selection of quality amplifiers that match the serious musician’s requirements regarding sound, effect, functionality and size.
Here you are certain to find the guitar amplifier you are looking for for your archtop or flattop guitar, banjo, mandolin or various string instruments – whether you play jazz, rock, folk or a completely different genre.

You may also be a vocalist searching for a small and powerful amplifier for your microphone.

When we select products from our American partners, we primarily have guitarists in mind, but many of our amplifiers are equally suited for the amplification of other acoustic instruments and vocalists.

In our product selection, we have mainly chosen to focus on small combo models as the ideal amplifier for most musicians. But also amplifier heads and external speaker cabinets are included in our product range.

In our opinion, the ideal amplifier unit for instrumentalists is a small, manageable combo with a highly effective output and the power to produce a clear and clean sound that does not “break” when it is pushed. Both the preamp and poweramp must simultaneously create an articulate sound that flows through a speaker that faithfully transmits or improves the output. The amplifier may also have various features that give the sound a little “crunch”, if desired.

Each of our amp models has its own “personality” and special sound and functional characteristics. Therefore, if you share our sound philosophy, you will always find the right amplifier.


Sound, tone and timbre

Sound, tone, timbre. To get the right sound from the amplifier may be a problem. The amplifier must reproduce the sound of your instrument or voice in a very specific way before you are satisfied. Maybe you will never get completely satisfied, but have to live with getting as close to the ideal sound as possible.

Your perception of the quality of sound and tone from your amplifier is controlled by many factors from the starting point to your ear: The design and quality of your instrument and – if assuming that a large part of the tone is “located in your fingers/voice” – your style of play and technique. In addition, the unit itself may have many design and quality parameters that determine whether what you hear is what you want.
Mainly what you hear is probably your “tonal frame of reference” and the aural ideal you have in your head conditioned by the musical influences you have been exposed to, the experience you have gained and the choices you have made through your musical life.