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Henriksen Amplifiers. In 2005 Henriksen Inc. started developing and producing guitar amplifiers that would meet the demands of the fastidious jazz guitarist. Today the firm is
run by Peter Henriksen, widely regarded as the leading expert when it comes to developing, designing and producing amplifiers for fastidious, professional guitarists – for musicians with high demands on sound, tone, functionality and mobility. All this is to be found in the handmade Henriksen guitar amplifiers. Henriksen´s JazzAmp is the high-end guitar amplifier preferred by the serious jazz guitarist.

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Henriksen Amplifiers - JazzAmp

Henriksen Amplifiers - Jazz Amps For Jazz Musicians Henriksen Amplifiers amd JazzAmp from Henriksen is a guitar amplifier of a very high quality and the safe choice for the fastidious jazz guitarist who wants only the best. The present series is third generation JazzAmp where all the good stuff has been given even some more quality and where the sound is tight, dense, warm and dark, yet with the twist of treble and clarity delivered by the integrated tweeter. It is Peter Henriksen´s philosophy that the way from input to output must be as simple as possible without losing quality so as to prevent effect loss and unwanted disturbance and colouring of tone and sound. Therefore JazzAmp features a quite simple control panel with gain, volume, 5-band graphic equalizer and room acoustics. The closed cabinet is fitted with an Eminence Beta loudspeaker unit which complements the analogue qualities of the amplifier perfectly.

Henriksen Amplifiers - The Bud

The Bud Henriksen Amplifiers - The Bud   |   Real Tone - Real Power - Real Small Henriksen Amplifiers - The Bud. Henriksen has taken a small step away from the pure jazz amplifier. Of course The Bud can easily and convincingly amplify your jazz guitar – or any other electric guitar. But here you have also got an amplifier for your acoustic guitar or other stringed instruments with pickups. The Bud has features giving you versatility satisfying most of your musical needs. And the best things: It boasts 135 effective Watts, is as small as 23 x 23 x 23 cm and weighs only 7.7 kg!

Henriksen Amplifiers - Accessories

Henriksen Amplifiers - Accessories - for your Henriksen amplifier