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Quilter Amplifiers. The innovative Quilter amplifier lines from Quilter Labs have been a roaring success with professional musicians in the USA – they are now also sold in Europe by Euro Amp+. Quilter Labs are American quality amplifiers based on a brand-new technology, using the best components and assembled by dedicated technicians at the factory in Costa Mesa, California. The man behind it all is Patrick Quilter, who founded Quilter Labs in 2011. Pat Quilter accomplished what was impossible for other brands by virtue of his long experience with pro-audio technology, thereby creating a basic amplifier characterized by tonal versatility, equally suitable for magnetic pick-ups and piezo and microphone systems.

The Quilter amplifiers are specifically developed for guitarists but are equally suited for guitars, stringed instruments, keyboards and the microphones of the vocalists – all this regardless of whether you play rock ´n´ roll, jazz, folk or classic.

Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 Series

Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 Series, your new guitar amp >  Quitler MicroPro Mach 2 Series. The portable and powerful MicroPro Mach 2 may well be one of the greatest advancements in stage worthy amplifiers in the last 70 years. Fusing modern technology with analog tone, Pat Quilter has designed quite possibly the ultimate in portability, power, and incredible analog tone, rivaling many of the best boutique amps available today. Using our patented technology, the Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 is a truly warm and analog amplifier, alive with the rich harmonics and stunning dynamics needed to make your guitar come alive.

Quilter Aviator Gold Series

Quilter Aviator Gold Series, your next electric guitar amplifier >  Quilter Aviator Gold Series is the second generation of Quilter´s original guitar amplifier. Where MicroPro Mach 2 is an all-round amplifier for a variety of instruments, Quilter Aviator Gold is developed for magnetic pick-ups and electric guitars. Pat Quilter has succeeded in developing a solid stade technology that behaves acoustically like a tube amplifier. You get seriously much raw power here, a fine balanced and controlled tone and a distortion option, all this in half as much weight as that of a tube amplifier. Quilter Aviator Gold is the perfect platform for a pedal board – it boasts the power to pull external cabinets and a reliable technology that endures anything, whether on tour or in the practice room.

Quilter Steelaire Series

Quilter Steelaire Series. The Perfect Amplifier For Steel Guitar Players >  Quilter Steelaire Series. Steelaire is the top series from Quilter Labs – every steel guitarist´s optimal choice but also for other guitarists who only settle for the best: the best sound, the best functionality, the best power and the best travel companion only weighing 16 kg. Well, you are used to carrying double that weight when dragging around with your old tube amplifier, aren´t you? In close co-operation with Eminence, Pat Quilter has developed a powerful and beautiful sounding 15 inch neodynamic loudspeaker unit that delivers an appealing creamy, crisp, clear and competent tone flavoured with the well-defined dark tone that only a 15 incher delivers! Steelaire comes both as a combo amplifier and as a Rackmount Head. See the individual product for more specifications.

Quilter Power Block Series

Quilter Power Block Series. A series of power amplifiers from Quilter labs. Large output, small weight, many features. Euroamp are specialize in Quilter powerheads and we always have all models in stock for quick delivery.

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