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Benedetto Carino 10

The Benedetto Carino 10 is for the guitarist who strives for the classic, mainstream jazz tone. Carino-10 is warm, clear and articulate in its sound expression and delivers plenty of clean headroom.
Benedetto Carino™ Jazz Amp is an exceptionally high quality amplifier made for the working musician. Its construction is solid and durable, it is compact and light and features two independent channels and Accutronics digital room acoustics. The design is minimalist and displays only the basic functions needed according to the philosophy of “plug in and play”.
A quality product from Benedetto, handmade in the USA.

Handcrafted in the USA. Convenient for the working musician who prefers a small, lightweight amp without compromising the big voice of the Carino-12. This little giant is without rival.

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Benedetto Carino 10

Amplifier: Solid State
Power: 120 watt @ 8 ohms
Speaker: Eminence Beta 10” speaker
Tweeter: Eminence ASD1001 tweeter with on/off switch.
Channels: Two independent channels, each with a volume, bass, mid and treble control.
Reverb: Accutronics digital reverb. Affects both channels equally.
Electrical: Equipped with a 115/230 voltage selector switch. Use a standard IEC C14 power cord connector.
Parallel Extension Speaker Out: Located on the back of the amp. Note: Using less than an 8 ohm extension speaker will cause damage to the amplifier.
Fuses: 1.6 slow-blow. Located where AC power cord plugs into amp.
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 36,80 x 35,60 x 22,00 cm
Construction: 11 ply, steel chassis, tolex covering with metal corners.
Weight: 11,25 kg

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