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Quilter Aviator Gold 12 inch

New exhibition model with offers.

The Quilter Aviator Gold 12 inch. A combo in the Aviator series. It has the same amplifier unit as the basic model Aviator Gold Head but in an integrated cabinet fitted with a Classic Lead 80 12 inch amplifier unit from the Celestion Pro Audio Series. The open cabinet produces extraordinarily much raw power in a fine balanced tone. Add a Tele or a Strat to the amplifier and you have all the heavy rock´n´roll power you need.

•  High quality amplifier developed and produced in California.
•  Innovative analogue technology and broad functionality.
•  Small, light and handy – weighs only 15,40 kg.
•  Can be used for several instruments and types of electric guitars.
•  200 Watt RMC, Line Out and Effect Loop.
•  An independent and original design.

The Aviator Gold stands on the shoulders of giants. Pat Quilter has benchmarked the world´s most beloved tone standards, and created an amplifier with the same glorious analog behaviors – all of the warmth and feel with none of the drawbacks. A complete selection of presets provides a full quiver of classic amps in a compact, fully professional, and performance oriented package.

Don´t underestimate the Aviator Gold, it´s no mere practice amp. Quilter technology delivers massive amounts of warm, musical headroom – the essential “big white canvas” that supports a rich and versatile array of tonal possibilities.

Today´s smaller stages and awkward load-ins call for a lightweight design, but don´t let small size fool you – the Mach 2 punches well its weight class. One trip in with guitar and amp in hand, and a quick plug-in, leaves plenty of time to tune up and help less fortunate bandmates with their rigs.

The time has come for new and better tools. Pat Quilter´s patented combination of Class D power, robust “nightclub-proof” power supply, and warm analog tone shaping circuitry finally advance the state of the art beyond the possibilities hinted at by classic tube amps. Leave those treasured classics safely at home, and use the consistent and reliable Quilter to explore new heights of artistic satisfaction.

When you buy a Quilter Aviator Gold 12 inch from Quilter Labs, you buy tomorrow’s technology and sound.

More Info From Quilter Labs Here

Quilter Aviator Gold 12 inch

 Type: Solid State / Analog
Output: Total 200 W RMC
Channel 1: 100 W RMS / Channel 2: 100 W RMS
Connections: ¼ ” mono jacks (Aux and Guitar)
Impedance: AUX 100K ohms
GUITAR 2M ohms
Effects Loop: Send ¼” mono, -10dB, 1K ohms
Return: ¼” mono, -10dB, 50K ohms
Speaker: Classic Lead 80
Speaker Out: Output 1: 8 Ohms, 200 W minimum rating.
Output 2: 4/8 Ohms, 200 W minimum Rating.
Dimensions: (H x W x D)  44,50 x 58,40 x 22,90 cm
Weight: 15,40 kg
Cover:  Yes
Gigbag:  No, but possible to ordre

INFO-40More Info From Owner´s Manual Here

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